Why Does Asphalt Pavement Crack?

As any parking lot paving company will tell you, asphalt is a highly durable, pliable, and affordable substance. However, it won’t stay in perfect condition forever. No matter how well it was installed, asphalt can crack under certain conditions. To help you best care for your parking lot, Atkins Paving wants you to be aware of some of the major causes behind asphalt cracking.

Temperature fluctuations

Regular fluctuations in temperature, especially those that happen as the seasons change, can harm your asphalt. So can a buildup of ice and snow. When frozen precipitation thaws, the moisture can seep into your asphalt through cracks and weaken it at its base. Protect your asphalt by getting sealcoating and crack filling services before the seasons change.

Stress and lack of maintenance

Speaking of sealcoating your asphalt, a lack of maintenance and repairs can lead to cracking. At the same time, be cautious of pressure. Placing anything that’s too heavy on your asphalt will cause stress and lead to cracks.

Bad drainage

Standing water is terrible for asphalt and often lead to cracking. Often, water puddles around your parking lot are a result of poor drainage. Get your parking areas inspected and fix all drainage issues right away.

Poor paving work

Finally, if your asphalt was improperly laid, it will probably show signs of damage sooner rather than later. It’s always best to work with pavers who guarantee quality work and results.

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