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Tips For Preparing A Spring Pavement Maintenance Plan

Key Takeaways:

  1. Spring is the best time for asphalt pavement maintenance due to milder weather and less chance of rain interfering with repairs.
  2. Maintenance should be conducted in spring to prevent more significant issues from arising during the peak summer months.
  3. Springtime is also the perfect time to check on the condition of the pavement after winter damage.
  4. An asphalt maintenance plan should include filling cracks and potholes, sealcoating, regular inspections, and waterproofing.
  5. The cost of repairing existing damage to asphalt ranges from $300 – $6,000, depending on severity.

As the snow melts away and spring flowers bloom, it is a reminder to start thinking about pavement maintenance. With the changing seasons comes wear and tear on your residential or commercial asphalt driveway, sidewalk, patio, or parking lot surfaces. No one wants to deal with hazardous potholes or uneven walkways during outdoor activities, so an effective spring pavement maintenance plan can help keep these areas safe and enjoyable for all who use them.

Whether you are looking after your home’s driveway or sidewalk or running a business with large parking lots full of cars daily – here are some tips by Atkins Paving for setting up a planned program of regular preventative maintenance that will go a long way toward extending the lifespan of your asphalt pavement!

Spring – The Best Time for Asphalt Pavement Maintenance

Spring is considered the best time for asphalt pavement maintenance for several reasons.

1. Milder Climate

First, the weather in spring is generally milder and more conducive to performing maintenance tasks. As temperatures start to rise, the ground begins to thaw, and the surface of the pavement becomes more pliable, which makes it easier to make repairs. Spring is typically a dryer season than fall, meaning rain or other precipitation is less likely to interfere with maintenance.

2. Maintain In Spring, Repair in Summer

Second, spring is an ideal time to conduct maintenance before heavy pavement usage in the summer months. This can help prevent more significant issues from arising during the peak season. As the weather gets warmer, the pavement starts to expand and contract, which can cause stress on the surface and increase the likelihood of cracks. By performing maintenance in the spring, you can help prevent these issues from arising during the summer months when the pavement is being used the most.

3. Spring Provides an Overview of Winter Damage

Spring is the perfect time to check on the condition of the pavement. During the winter, any cracks or potholes are likely to be filled with water that expands as it freezes and contracts as it thaws, which can cause it to crack further. Due to snow and ice, it is difficult to see any issues during the winter months. Therefore, by the springtime, any problems that occurred during the winter will have become more apparent, making it easier to spot and fix any issues.

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Setting Up a Spring Asphalt Maintenance Plan

Once you have a solid understanding of the condition of your pavement, it’s time to start setting up an asphalt maintenance plan. Which includes:

1. Filling Cracks and Potholes

Filling in any cracks or potholes is an essential step in asphalt maintenance as it helps prevent further damage from occurring to your pavement surface. It also ensures that water doesn’t seep into the foundation of your pavement, causing erosion and soft spots on the surface.

2. Sealcoating

Another important aspect of springtime pavement maintenance is waterproofing, which helps to prevent water from penetrating the asphalt and causing further damage. Doing so also reduces the chances of potholes forming in your asphalt and patchwork being needed down the line. The ideal way to do this is by using a sealcoat that contains rubberized polymer – not only does this protect your asphalt from UV rays and moisture, but it can also fill cracks up to 1/4 inch wide!

Sealcoating is vital in asphalt maintenance, as it protects the surface from UV rays, moisture, oil, and other damaging elements. Furthermore, sealcoating helps to reduce fading and discoloration of asphalt – resulting in a longer-lasting pavement surface.

3. Regular Inspection

The most important thing to keep your pavement in tip-top shape is regularly inspecting its condition. Springtime is the ideal time to conduct these inspections because it’s the best time of the year for fixing any minor issues before they become significant problems. Regularly inspect your asphalt pavement for cracks, potholes, Alligatoring (cracking), or depressions. Keeping a close eye on your asphalt pavement will help you determine when it’s time to make repairs or conduct the necessary maintenance.


Asphalt Pavement Repair: How Much Will It Cost?

Suppose you already have some existing damage to your asphalt – how much will it cost to repair? The answer depends on the extent of the damage, but generally speaking, Restoring or repairing asphalt typically runs homeowners between $1,000 and $3,700. However, the price range varies significantly depending on the severity of damage; while filling in potholes or cracks is generally under $300, major repairs that call for resurfacing can reach up to three thousand dollars! Estimates may fall anywhere from a mere three hundred to six thousand dollars – with most people paying an average cost of $2,300.

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