Parking Lot Striping

Properly Painted Lines & Directional Marks Are Essential Parts of Parking Lot Paving

You may think your parking lot is in generally good condition. You hired a qualified parking lot paving contractor from the start and you’ve followed up with regular maintenance. But there’s one thing that’s keeping it from being the best it can be: Your parking lot striping is completely faded.

Parking lot painting and striping should always be more than just an afterthought on a commercial paving job. Properly painted lines and directional marks are essential to the traffic flow on your property, the safety of pedestrians, and the safety of the vehicles that are in your lot. Paint lines that are easy to see will also maximize the space in your parking lot. This is especially helpful for institutions like churches and schools. Proper markings will help everyone enter and exit in an orderly fashion.

Atkins Paving has completed parking lot striping jobs throughout North and South Carolina. In the over 30 years we’ve been in business, we’ve painted hundreds of parking lots throughout Upstate South Carolina, as well as the Rock Hill and Charlotte areas.

What’s the benefit of all that experience? Our team knows the most efficient way to use the space you have. Our goal is to give you the most parking with the best access for everyone who visits your property. We’ll also talk with you about the way you use your parking area. We may suggest arrows, designated customer or employee parking, or other ideas to create a more functional space.


Our experienced staff knows exactly what is required for your building or facility. We’ll take a look at your property and determine the number and placement of accessible parking spots.

Call Atkins Paving today to get a free estimate or to learn more about our parking lot striping services.