Parking Lot Maintenance

A Well Maintained Parking Lot Stands Up To Wear and Tear

There’s nothing that gives a better impression to your customers, clients, or congregation than a freshly maintained parking lot. While paving materials like asphalt and concrete are certainly made to stand up to traffic, weather, and numerous other conditions, there will eventually be wear and tear on any paved surface. That’s where parking lot maintenance like sealcoating and crack filling can help.

What’s Involved in Parking Lot Maintenance?

What does it mean when a paving contractor says they offer parking lot maintenance? At Atkins Paving, we have a comprehensive approach to keeping your parking lot looking and performing at its absolute best. Sealcoating and asphalt crack filling are two of the steps we take to maintain parking lots of all sizes. Call Atkins Paving in Rock Hill to learn more about the parking lot maintenance services we offer for businesses and churches in North and South Carolina.


Sealing your parking lot will make the surface resistant to oil, gasoline, and other petroleum-based materials that can degrade your pavement. Proper sealcoating will also maintain the look of your parking lot for years to come by slowing down the effects of everyday wear and tear. It will refresh and revive your parking lot, giving a facelift to your property and returning a professional appearance. You won’t believe what a big difference this makes!


Cracks in your pavement are not only unsightly to the people who park in your parking lot. They’re also allowing water to seep into your asphalt. This can cause big problems, especially in the winter when that water can freeze and expand. Fill cracks before they become destructive and extend the life of your parking lot.