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How To Know If The Season Is Ripe For Sealcoating Your Asphalt Pavement

Sealcoating your asphalt pavement is a great way to protect it from harsh elements. Summer is thought to be the perfect time to seal coat your pavement. But that’s not necessarily true. You could actually do more damage if you don’t pick the right season for the sealing project.

Atkins Paving will discuss the factors you must consider before sealing your pavement. If you’re looking for a reliable paving contractor in Rock Hill, SC, we’ve got you covered there too!

Which Season is Best for Sealcoating?

You need to ensure there’s no snow, ice, or moisture on the ground. Sealcoating can’t be done during snow or rain, so you’ll need to wait until the weather clears up before you can schedule your paving contractor to come out and do their thing. So, the winter season is a clear no for the sealing work.

It’s best to seal the surface in the spring or fall. The scorching summer sun can be too harsh on newly sealed pavement, and winter weather can damage it before the sealant can cure. Your asphalt pavement should be dry before you seal coat it. If there’s any standing water, wait for it to evaporate before proceeding.

Consult a paving contractor if you’re unsure when to seal your pavement. They’ll be able to evaluate the condition of your surface and advise you on the best course of action.

There are a few other things you need to consider before sealcoating your asphalt surface:

Check the Temperature

You need to take the temperature into account. Sealant should only be applied when the temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s too cold, the sealant won’t set correctly and could end up peeling off. If it’s very hot, sealcoating is a no-go. The heat will cause the mixture to dry too quickly, leading to cracks and potholes.

Review the Weather Forecast

Before starting work, you need to check the weather forecast. You also need to make sure there’s no rain in the forecast. Rain can wash away the sealant before it has a chance to set, leaving your pavement vulnerable to damage.

If all of these conditions are met, then congratulations! The season is ripe for sealcoating your pavement!

Sealing is a crucial part of pavement maintenance, but it’s not the only thing you need to do. Make sure you regularly clean your pavement and fill in any cracks or potholes. Following these simple steps can keep your pavement looking new for years.

Ending Note

Sealcoating your asphalt pavement is a great way to protect it from the elements and extend its lifespan. If you are looking for a paving contractor in Rock Hill, SC, look no further than Atkins Paving! We have been sealcoating driveways and parking lots for over 26 years and are passionate about giving our customers the best possible paving services. That’s why we offer a one-year guarantee of our services for your peace of mind.

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