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Designing A Parking Lot For Maximizing ROI

Key Takeaways:

  1. Designing a parking lot requires precise measurements of the boundaries, selecting appropriate space dimensions for each spot, and creating an initial layout using software programs or assistance from architects/parking consultants.
  2. Calculating potential ROI helps to determine how much money your project can bring in; questions such as who will be using the area, the purpose of it, and payment systems should also be considered when structuring your plan.
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As a business owner, you recognize the power of an aesthetically-pleasing commercial parking lot to draw in customers and maximize ROI. It’s more than just painting lines and adding signage – it requires careful consideration of how traffic will be managed within its boundaries.

 From managing directional flow with appropriate signage to selecting safe material for your customer’s vehicles, the design considerations for creating an efficient car park are multifaceted – creating a stakeholder minefield that you must navigate on the path to success.

To address these potential challenges and ensure maximum return on investment from your next project, let Atkins Paving explore today what goes into designing a parking lot to create function and beauty.

Creating Parking Lots for Maximum ROI

Step #1: Parking Lot Dimensions & Layout

When deciding how many parking spaces your layout can accommodate, you must consider the size of each space. Generally speaking, public spaces offer 9’ x 18’ spots, and tiny ones measure 7.25’x 15.1′. Aisles for vehicles should be at least 11′-23′, depending on vehicle positioning angles in the lot design. This helpful resource is a great tool to help envision all potential layout options; recommended layouts are also available if you have corners or other complicated traffic patterns involved with your plan.

If Accessible Parking Spaces are required for your project, consult local zoning and planning authorities, as each region may have different rules you must follow.

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Step #2: Prepare an Initial Parking Layout

Utilizing software programs, you can test out various lot configurations. If that seems too complicated for you, consider seeking assistance from architects and parking consultants who specialize in this area of expertise! Here are our top commercial parking lot design software recommendations for DIY designing.

  • RoomSketcher is the perfect free software for your first five projects! This cloud-based tool was created with interior design in mind. Still, it has proved to be an efficient and inexpensive solution when laying out a parking lot. There’s no need to download bulky programs – RoomSketcher will do all the work for you!

  • ConceptDraw

Free for 21 days, offers sophisticated Site Plan software which you can use to create detailed commercial parking lot designs. This advanced program allows you to customize your design with options such as barrier gates, bollards, bike racks, and more – not forgetting the beautiful addition of lamp posts and trees!

  • Transoft

Finally, for the more experienced user, we have Transoft – an award-winning software that engineers, architects, and land developers highly recommend. Its ParkCAD technology allows users to craft numerous parking sites in minutes by considering area dimensions and object editing features and providing powerful reports.

Furthermore, its algorithm runs several combinations of row layouts with various rotations and positions to generate the optimal space yield based on parameters input from you! After all, iterations are produced, it’s easy to review them side by side so you can select your preferred option easily.

Step #3: Calculate Your Potential ROI

Now that you have established the parking space layout and revenue system laneways let’s look at how much your lot can bring in! For some of you, this is the most exciting part.

Many Parking Revenue Calculators have two options: Basic & Advanced. The primary option requires three values – daily parkers, the average cost per ticket, and days open each year – to calculate potential earnings! Let’s say, for example, 150 people purchase tickets at $5 apiece over 365 days; it would generate an impressive total of $273,750 in annual revenue!

If you are dealing with monthly customers plus various transient categories (like day parkers, evening event attendees, weekend visitors, and so on), fill in the associated data points to calculate your parking revenue. To determine your ROI and how long it will take to recover the system’s cost, compare this derived figure to what the parking system costs.


When Structuring Your Parking Lot, Here Are Several Important Questions To Consider

When planning a new or modified commercial parking lot, several questions exist. Here’s what your initial layout considerations should include:

  1. Who will be using the parking lot?
  2. What purpose does it serve?
  3. Given your general location’s constraints, are there any preferences for sizes and spacing of the available spaces?
  4. Where should entrance and exit lanes be placed to optimize traffic flow through your lot?
  5. Lastly, what payment system will you use; metered or gated access?

Hiring a consultant can be extremely helpful if you need help with the best way to design your commercial parking lot. However, understanding parking lot layouts and their components is key if you prefer a DIY approach or want greater insight into layout possibilities before talking with an expert advisor.

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