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 Counting The Blessings Of Preventive Asphalt Maintenance

Key Takeaways:

  1. Asphalt can quickly become cracked or damaged without proper maintenance.
  2. Asphalt preventive maintenance involves a comprehensive strategy of proactive measures.
  3. A checklist should be created to ensure that no asphalt maintenance procedure is overlooked. This includes sweeping the premises, assessing rutting/raveling damage, sealcoating cracks, and verifying that color/loose rocks/faded pavement markings/tripping hazards are in good condition.
  4. A preventative approach towards upkeep will save money while helping pavement last longer!

We take the roads and pavement we drive on or walk daily for granted. But these stretches of asphalt are an invaluable resource; they provide us with access to our work, favorite restaurants, schools… even family and friends. However, asphalt pavement can quickly become cracked or damaged by the elements, such as snowstorms or heavy rain showers, without proper preventative asphalt maintenance.

Atkins Paving discusses in this blog post how meaningful preventative asphalt maintenance truly is, from keeping down costs to improving overall safety.

What Exactly is Asphalt Preventive Maintenance?

Asphalt is the preferred material for over 94% of parking lots built in the United States. It’s also used to construct roads and highways across America. Despite its widespread usage, asphalt isn’t as resilient or durable as many assume – it tends to degrade quickly with frequent use. It can be affected by severe weather changes.

Rather than a reactive approach, such as corrective or emergency maintenance, preventive measures offer an advantageous alternative. With proactive actions, you can avoid significant issues while extending the service life of your pavement. Preventative maintenance allows us to be better stewards of our infrastructure and resources by acting before problems arise rather than responding after they occur.

A preventive maintenance program incorporates a comprehensive and well-rounded strategy involving predictive and preventative measures. Predictive maintenance foresees any potential difficulties so you can plan; for instance, if the forecast predicts rain, it’s better to prepare in advance with pavement surface treatments, patching, or painting procedures.

Asphalt preventive maintenance is the most effective way to ensure that your pavement remains in peak condition for years.

Asphalt Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Taking care of asphalt is a complex process that must be done correctly to ensure optimal results. The preventive maintenance checklist template provided below should serve as your baseline when conducting asphalt maintenance – but you may need to customize it depending on the needs of your business!

Poor pavement conditions and distress are often the results of inadequate maintenance. By creating a checklist, you can ensure no maintenance procedure is overlooked.

1. Sweeping the Premises

Sweeping should be a priority on your checklist, as it is essential to maintain asphalt pavement cleanliness. Excess debris can cause standing water, severely damaging roads and pavement. If left unattended for long, water can penetrate the sub-base and weaken the foundation, resulting in cracks that evolve into potholes.

Aside from being a great way to keep streets clean, sweeping can double as an efficient visual inspection. As their regular routes are completed, general maintenance workers can spot any cracks or potholes and report them immediately.

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2. Rutting and Raveling

Another check you should do is to look for rutting and permanent deformation of the asphalt pavement surface. Wheel paths engraved in the pavement are an obvious indication of this issue. Raveling refers to erosion due to the loss of asphalt, leading to rock, sand, and debris on top of the pavement’s surface. If traveling is present, it should be addressed immediately as it points towards further damage if left unchecked.


3. Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating effectively repairs the asphalt surface, patching up any minor cracks and voids. Though it’s similar in appearance to asphalt binder, the sealer used for crack sealing won’t fill these areas- it will only protect them from harsh weather conditions. Taking a proactive approach by timely sealing small cracks can prevent water and air infiltration that could lead to more significant issues such as oxidation or hardening of the material, requiring even more extensive procedures like crack filling down the line.

Other Checklist Pointers

While these items comprise the essential steps of asphalt preventive maintenance, further elements may be needed to inspect. You can easily verify that all the following components are in good condition through a quick visual inspection and check them off your list.

1. Color

Assess the color of your asphalt pavement to guarantee that it’s in good shape; the correct tone should be a dull, light grey hue.

2. Loose Rocks

Be on the lookout for loose rocks or sand sprinkled throughout your asphalt pavement. This indicates minor cracks and a decrease in the integrity of your asphalt.

3. Faded Pavement Markings

Well-defined pavement markings give drivers and pedestrians clarity to maintain safety. To ensure that everyone is sufficiently guided in all weather conditions, it’s critical that you continually assess the visibility of your lane designations.

4. Tripping Hazards

Inspect your pavements for potential stumbling blocks like parking stall stops, concrete curbs, bollards, and gutters that can prompt an accident.

These should be part and parcel of your regular maintenance program to guarantee safety.

Last Words

Developing a preventive maintenance plan for asphalt surfaces is easy once you become acquainted with proper procedures. To create a practical checklist, knowing the related precautions, risks, and treatments is essential. Investing in a preventative upkeep program and following through on each step will save money and help your pavement last longer!

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