Expert Concrete Contractors


Concrete is a durable material that looks good, performs well over time, and is relatively affordable. The professionals at Atkins Paving are experts at concrete installation and repair. Our concrete contractors are experienced at pouring concrete for all types of applications. We’ve worked on driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, slab foundations and pads, steps, handrails, retaining walls, and numerous other projects throughout Upstate South Carolina. We also do decorative work around the home, like colored or stamped concrete for patios and walkways.

Concrete Facts

As you can see, concrete is a very versatile material. However, your concrete contractors do have to know the proper way to pour it in order to get the best results. For example, concrete won’t set when the concrete temperature is below 35º F. With heated water and aggregates, accelerating admixtures and other methods, jobs can be poured at temperatures below freezing, but it is more expensive. In North and South Carolina, there are very few days where the temperature falls below freezing. In this case, rescheduling is a better option.

Likewise, high temperatures of 90º F and above can cause concrete to set faster. High temperatures also reduce the strength of concrete. Other factors such as high winds and humidity can further complicate matters. These problems can be avoided by proper planning, timing of the finishing operations, and proper use of retarding admixtures.

Dependent on temperature, mix specification, and other factors, it generally takes two to four hours for the initial set. After 48 hours, the concrete should be completely dry, depending on the cement type and the presence of retardants or accelerators.

Since this is such a complex material, it’s best to work with concrete companies who have the experience to back up their work. Trust the concrete experts who’ve served North and South Carolina since 1984. Call Atkins Paving at our Rock Hill office to get an estimate and learn more about our concrete services.