Concrete Curbing & Gutters

Concrete Curbing & Gutters

Concrete curbing and gutters are the finishing touch on any paving project. They keep drivers and pedestrians safe while they’re in your parking lot, creating barriers and allowing water to flow freely from the paved surfaces.

Here at Atkins Paving, we have over 26 years of experience serving South Carolina and North Carolina. Our contractors are experts in all of the specifications that must be met when installing these features. We have the experience and knowledge to create concrete curbs and gutters that will enhance the appearance of your property while serving an important function. Add to this our high-quality materials and equipment and you’ll get results that will serve you well for years to come.

Concrete Sidewalks

Atkins Paving also installs concrete sidewalks. We believe there are two important factors in the durability of any sidewalk: the materials used and the people who do the work. We’re a paving contractor who can provide the best of both. We use the highest-quality concrete that will withstand weather and other stresses. Our concrete sidewalk contractors will use the utmost care as they pour your surfaces, making sure everything is even and smooth. You’ll have safe, attractive sidewalks that will leave a positive impression of your business for anyone who visits.