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Combatting Asphalt Rutting: Fixes And Maintenance Tips

Key Takeaways:

  1. Rutting is a common problem caused by various factors.
  2. Fixes include resurfacing, milling and paving, and adjusting drainage.
  3. Preventive maintenance measures can help prevent asphalt rutting.
  4. Hiring a professional paving contractor offers quality workmanship, long-term solutions, and cost savings.
  5. Necessary precautions and hiring a professional contractor can maintain pavement integrity.

The versatile asphalt is one of the most favored materials for paved surfaces such as roads and highways, extending a staggering 2.7 million miles, enough distance from here to the moon!

If you own a home or commercial property, your driveway or parking lot is the first thing visitors see when they arrive. Using asphalt for its finished appearance makes sense to keep these areas neat. However, one of the biggest challenges of using asphalt is maintaining its integrity and durability over time.

Rutting is a significant pavement maintenance challenge. It refers to the formation of depressions or channels in the asphalt pavement caused by the permanent deformation of the material due to external factors.

Rutting can leave your roads sorry and make driving hazardous. Atkins Paving will discuss the fixes to consider and preventative tips you should take to deal with rutting. We’ll also look into the benefits of hiring a professional asphalt paving contractor. So read on to learn how to eliminate this nuisance from your property paved assets.

Common Causes of Asphalt Rutting

How it Occurs?

Before we learn how to fix asphalt rutting, let’s first understand how it occurs. Asphalt pavements tend to experience permanent deformation or compaction over time, known as rutting. It occurs due to the movement of aggregate and binder in asphalt roads, similar to wagon wheels leaving behind tracks if they were pulled through the dirt. However, it isn’t caused by traffic driving on these roads. Rutting is just a natural process for pavement surfaces over an extended time.

Then What Causes them?

Certain factors can increase the likelihood of asphalt degradation if you’re trying to figure out what causes rutted driveways and parking lots. Let’s explore these elements together:

1. Improper Design or Construction

Asphalt pavement could be vulnerable to rutting if not built with adequate layer thickness or weak asphalt fixture. Furthermore, inadequate compaction can likewise reduce its strength and lead to rutted asphalt in a short amount of time.

2. Poor Drainage

If standing water is on top of the pavement, it can be an open invitation for rutting. As the asphalt pavement is subjected to repeated freeze-thaw events and excessive moisture exposure, it will gradually break down–creating subsurface ruts.

3. Temperature Fluctuations

Fluctuating temperatures over an extended period can also contribute to asphalt rutting—particularly in areas that experience a wide range of seasonal temperature variability.

4. Heavy Traffic Loads

Although asphalt paved surfaces are built to withstand normal traffic, dealing with heavy vehicles, and loads may cause the asphalt pavement to become deformed over time.

5. Age

Asphalt surfaces can last 15-30 years with proper maintenance. They are not immune to aging. With time, they will start showing signs of deterioration, like rutting, which can worsen over time.

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Fixes for Asphalt Rutting

Now that we know the causes let’s discuss the fixes for rutting.

1. Resurfacing with Hot Mix Asphalt

It is one of the most common solutions for fixing rutting. The process involves removing and replacing the affected area with hot mix asphalt to bring a smooth finish to the pavement.

2. Milling and Paving

Milling is another excellent way to fix rutting by grinding down the affected area and repaving it with new hot mix asphalt layers. It creates a completely level surface once again.

3. Adjusting Drainage

Correcting improper drainage can also help stop rutting. It can involve redirecting water away from the pavement or creating a slope for better runoff.

Preventive Maintenance Tips

1. Periodic Seal Coating

Regular seal coating can protect your pavement from the elements and stand up to wear and tear better. The protective coating helps guard against potential damages like rutting. Ensure sealing your pavement every three years.

2. Regular Inspections

It’s essential to inspect your asphalt regularly for any signs of damage or deterioration, including ruts and cracks, so you can address them immediately before they worsen.

3. Better Traffic Management

Ensure that your pavement’s weight load and traffic flow are well managed. The heavier the traffic, the greater chance of rutting. You can opt for thicker layers of asphalt to provide better support when necessary.

4. Hire a Professional Asphalt Paving Contractor

A professional paving contractor will have the experience and skill set to maintain and repair your asphalt pavement properly. So you can avoid costly issues like rutting in the future.


Benefits of Professional Asphalt Paving Contractor

Let’s look at some of the key benefits a professional asphalt paving contractor can offer:

1. Quality Workmanship & Experience

Professional contractors have extensive experience working with asphalt and know how to maintain your pavement.

2. Knowledgeable Team

With their in-depth knowledge, they’ll know what’s needed to prevent rutting from occurring and how to fix it if necessary.

3. Long-Term Solution

Investing in a professional paving contractor will give you peace of mind knowing that your pavement is being maintained correctly for the long term.

4. Cost Savings

Hiring a professional can save you from costly repairs in the future, as they can identify and fix existing problems quickly.

5. Quality Materials & Equipment

Professional paving contractors use quality materials and modern equipment to protect your pavement against heavy loads and harsh weather conditions.


The best way to combat asphalt rutting is to take the necessary precautions and hire a professional paving contractor. Finding the right company for your needs is critical. Look for experience, quality materials & equipment, and competitive pricing. Following these tips can help you save both time and money in the long run.

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