Call Now for Parking Lot Striping Before Winter

A good-looking parking lot can attract lots of people to your business. Neat, easy-to-see striping plays a big part in that appearance. But is it really necessary for you to redo the striping on your parking lot right now? Although you may not think about doing this during the winter, the parking lot striping team at Atkins Paving has a couple of reasons why you may want to consider it.

Holiday traffic

With the holidays approaching, many commercial businesses can’t afford to miss the spike in consumer shopping. If holiday shopping is a priority for your business, talk to us about parking lot striping today. A poorly maintained parking lot will keep customers away from your business. In fact, a worn-out parking lot could even push customers to your competitors’ door. Take time to recondition your parking areas and you’ll reap the rewards.


Faded markings on your asphalt increase the chances of auto accidents. These can also place pedestrians at risk. Parking lot striping can be difficult to see sometimes in the winter. Help your customers and employees move about safely by refreshing your parking lot striping.

Do you need parking lot striping sooner rather than later? Don’t hesitate to give Atkins Paving a call.

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