5 Driveway Design Tips for Homeowners

Just like a picture, your driveway says a thousand words about your home. If it looks good, it can boost your property’s overall value. If it doesn’t, the opposite can occur. Keeping this in mind, homeowners who are considering a new driveway should put some thought into its design as they work with a  driveway paving company. Atkins Paving is here to help with these five driveway design tips.

  1. Factor in both slope and width – Think about the slope and width of your driveway. You’ll want to have enough room for vehicles and parking, but you also want it to look good.
  2. Consider the shape – Make sure to give some thought to the shape of your new driveway. Would a curved, circular, or straight driveway work best for your property? Different designs come with different prices but they also offer different benefits for your property.
  3. Choose the material carefully – The three most popular driveway materials are concreteasphalt, and tar and gravel. Depending on your property and your design budget, any one of these will give you a beautiful path of entry to your home.
  4. Don’t forget curb appeal – Design your driveway to highlight other features of your home. For instance, think about designing a driveway that works in tandem with a tree, a flower bed, or other parts of your landscaping.
  5. Hire driveway paving pros – Most importantly, hire experienced paving contractors. This is the best way to ensure that your driveway looks superb!

For quality driveway paving in the Charlotte area, call Atkins Paving for a free estimate. Our paving contractors will give you the driveway of your dreams!

Atkins Paving is a full-service paving contractor serving Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Charlotte, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Get a free estimate for asphalt paving and resurfacing, parking lots, concrete work, tar and gravel driveways, and more.

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